I’ll give you my heart with flowers

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My heart with flowers

Love is sometime a joy and sometime a pain I wanted to illustrate this in my way using photography as the medium. The image is simple in its execution just two lights and a bounce

I placed a  black cardboard with a cast of my head on it. I painted a tear from one of the eyes with a marker pen and placed my helping hand aiming the magnifying glass on the tear. I then cut the paper flower and the heart out from a piece of paper. For the lighting I used my elinchrom quadra with a grid spotlight as the main key-light.  I wanted a bounce on the shadow side, so I placed another white cardboard on the right side just out of the framing to get the bounce effect.  The helping hand figure with the magnifying glass did get lost against the black cardboard and to remedy that I took my canon flash and placed  it on the floor aiming the light beam at the helping hand. I took one of my old Pixar calendar for a gobo to block the beam of the light to just focus on the base of the helping hand. The flashes were fired using the skyport system from elinchrom.


Light Diagram I’ll give you my heart with flowers

The camera was fired using manual exposure with a 50mm lens. The exposure was 1/200th on f8

I love photography I hope my heart will find its love as well :-)

Untill Next time, Happy photography on you all!
Peter “StrobeGeek” Aversten


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